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Grow your roots to the ground

Carbon dioxide is not just a gas – it is much more. Carbon dioxide makes it possible to connect plants and thus to form the oxygen necessary for life in plants. However, excessive free carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is detrimental to the planet and to us. If emissions cannot be reduced, they must be compensated.

Our passion at Wood Forest is to sequester excess carbon in a growing biomass, wood. The name of our company, Wood Forest, already obliges us to do so. We make genuinely incremental, responsible carbon sequestration with 100% domestic efforts.

Responsible solution

Wood Forest sequesters carbon dioxide in trees. We acquire land that would not naturally be afforested and make it a carbon sink. A carbon sink is a concrete area, you can locate your own carbon sink using coordinates. You can also visit the site yourself when carbon binds to its wood.

responsible solution

Reduce your carbon footprint

Wood Forest builds carbon sinks by afforesting bogs and other wastelands that would not otherwise be afforested and therefore would not sequester carbon. By purchasing our carbon sequestration products, you can offset your own emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

What exactly is carbon sequestration?

The first step in carbon sequestration is to connect trees and other plants. Their biomass contains about half of the carbon in their dry mass. As trees grow, they sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen – this is called connection.

Wood stores carbon dioxide in wood. About 200 kg of carbon is bound in one cubic meter of wood. In the forest, carbon is also bound to the soil and especially to the peat layer in the bogs. Surface vegetation also binds carbon.

Please let us know your needs and we will find just the right solution for you. Contact us info@woodforest.fi

Grow your roots to the ground - let's work together to build a more sustainable future.