Enviromental Responsibility

Climate change work

Our actions’ purpose is to have as minimal carbon footprint as possible, resulting in a positive climatic effect. We always work with our customers on meaningful, incremental protection of the environment. We help our customers to find solutions that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Following this, we provide compensation as an alternative. We help our customers in communicating about environmental efforts in an understandable and open manner.

We want carbon sink forests to be diverse, and we strive to build mixed forests wherever possible.  Carbon sinks are managed in accordance with sustainable forest management principles.

Read about how we provide responsible and effective emission compensation on the Carbon sequestration -page.

Our carbon footprint

Because our company does not own offices or cars, our activities do not generate direct emissions from offices or cars, nor do they generate indirect emissions from energy and heat generation. Our carbon footprint is mostly comprised of emissions from purchased goods and services, as well as limited domestic business travel.

We make every effort to reduce the emissions of the items and services we purchase. For example, we have used Taitonet’s used computers for work, which minimizes both the use of natural resources and carbon dioxide emissions.

Social responsibility

It is important for us to take care of the occupational safety and well-being of our employees. We maintain an interaction that values people and an open discussion culture. We support the development of personnel skills and the ability to affect their own job.

We employ local people and companies, especially in rural areas, and we also offer job opportunities for students and young people.

We act as a partner in various sports events in our region.

Responsible economy and administration

Our operation’s goal is to be a long-term, profitable organization that provides business continuity and high-quality climate work now and in the future. Sustainability is an important part of the company’s business strategy.

We handle payments and other business-related responsibilities properly and on time.