Personal carbon footprint offset

Product for personal carbon footprint offset.


Product for personal carbon footprint offset.

We humans produce carbon dioxide emissions through our housing, diet and mobility. Wood Forest Finland helps you offset your carbon footprint by planting trees as carbon sinks. By choosing this product, you contribute to the creation of a carbon sink. On average, one tree growing on peatland sequesters 600 kg of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

The Finnish carbon credit product includes land restoration, tree planting and maintenance. You’ll also receive a carbon footprint offset certificate. The certificate contains the name of the client, the number of trees to be planted and the coordinates of their location. Damage caused by any unforeseen forest damage, such as fire, insect or storm damage, is compensated by planting new seedlings to replace the damaged trees. The forest is also insured.

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1. First, calculate your own carbon footprint.

You can do this, for example with Sitra’s lifestyle test. The results will show you how you can reduce your personal carbon footprint through everyday choices. Set yourself targets to reduce emissions.

2. Then, calculate the annual cost of compensation using the calculator below.

Enter your carbon footprint in kilograms into the calculator, without any punctuation. You will then see the number of trees to be planted and the price of compensation.

3. Add the amount to the order form and pay for the product online.

After the purchase, we will send you an electronic certificate as proof of your carbon footprint offset within an average of 3 business day.