Motorist carbon sink

With this product, you can offset your carbon footprint caused by driving.

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With this product, you can offset your carbon footprint caused by driving.

Select the annual kilometers you drive and the size class of your car from the menu, you will get the finished product to add to the shopping cart. You can also compensate for a single road trip or summer holiday car trip with a smaller 1,000 km emission credit.

The emissions from driving are compensated by planting trees in the Finnish carbon sink. One tree growing on peatland will absorb an average of 600 kg of carbon dioxide during in hundred years. The product includes soil restoration, tree planting and forest maintenance. Damages caused by possible unforeseen forest destruction, such as fire, insect damage or storm damage, are compensated by planting new saplings in place of the damaged trees. Forest is also insured.

As a default value, the estimate of the amount of emissions is based on Statistics Finland’s and Trafi’s data on car emissions. You can also add your car’s registration number to the order form, which is printed on the certificate we deliver. The certificate contains the name of the subscriber, the number of trees to be planted and coordinate information about the location of the trees.

The certificate of carbon footprint offset will be delivered within 1-3 business days.

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Emission averages

In new plug-in hybrid cars, carbon dioxide emissions are around 40 – 50 g/km. In cars running on methane, carbon dioxide emissions are around 100 g/km. In gasoline and diesel cars, emissions vary between 80 and 200 g/km. The average emissions in 2020 for gasoline and diesel-powered cars was around 155 g/km. You can check the emissions of your own car from the registration extract.